General Information

  • Admissions to the 1st Year of the three-year B.A. /B.Sc. (Honours and Major) Courses for 2017 will be conducted online only.
  • Online application forms will be available on the site from the date of publication of H.S. result to 11/06/2017 (both days inclusive). Online submission will remain open for 24 hours during this period. Admission forms can be accessed with the help of any browser.
  • A student may apply for more than one Honours or Major subjects by filling up separate forms. Separate payments are to be made for separate applications.
  • Merit List will be published on this site on 16th June, 2017.


  • Application Fee is Rs. 200/- + Bank Charges  
  • Name of the bank : State Bank of India (all branches)
  • The last date of payment of Application Fees is  11/06/2017                                
  • Candidate should not pay the application fee Rs.200/- after 11/06/2017. If any branch of SBI receives the application fee after 11/06/2017, college will consider the form as cancelled. 

Application Procedure

  • Application Form is to be filled online. No printed forms will be issued.
  • Applicant must be aware of the Eligibility Criteria and Elective Subject Combinations available before proceeding. 
    Candidature will be cancelled if she enters incorrect subject name and/or wrong marks.
  • Online Application is a Four-step Process:
  • STEP I : Filling up of  Form

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  • Select carefully the subjects according to your marks sheet or board.
  • For W.B. board: select English A and Bengali B or English B and Bengali A
  • For ISC board: select English, Elective English, Bengali
  • For CBSE board: select English core, Elective English, English Elective  –C, Functional English, Bengali

STEP II: Submit the Application form after preview and Note the Application No.

  • Take the print-out of the Application Form

STEP III: Payment
Go to the Payment Link.
For cash payment, click on pay offline and follow the instructions
Application Fee is Rs. 200/- + Bank Charges

Name of the bank: State Bank of India (all branches)

Keep the Student’s copy of the Payment Slip and submit the Xerox copy of that to the College during admission.
For online payment, click on pay online and follow the instructions
Keep the Student’s copy of the Payment Slip and submit the Xerox copy of that to the College during admission.

  • STEP IV : Check the Payment Status

Check your payment status after two working days from the date of payment by using your application no. as login and date of birth as password.
Candidates whose status is showing unpaid even after two days of the payment of application fee, are requested to send the scanned copy of the challan as well as their forms to the college mail id:
Make sure your generated/printed  Application  Form and all of the 2-part Pay-in-Slips have the following : Application No. , Your Full Name and Subject applied for. If any one of this information is missing, the form will be considered as incomplete. In such case, proceed to fill up the form again carefully and submit. 

Incomplete Application Form and the 2-part Pay-in-Slips even after payment to the Bank, will be considered invalid.
Admission is provisional. Application and /or admission will be cancelled at any stage if any information filled up by the candidate is found to be incorrect.

Please Note:

  • All instructions must be read carefully before proceeding for online application.
  •  Extreme care should be taken while filling in the online application form. The candidate must check the minimum eligibility criteria before filling in the form. The college will not be responsible for invalid forms.
  • A student must note her Application No. after filling up the application form.
  • A student may VIEW or take Print out of her form using Application No. as Login and Date of birth as Password later on also. 
  • Forms do not have to be submitted in College during application.
  • Forms have to be submitted on the date of Admission only.
  • Student must keep the Candidate’s Copy of the Pay-in-slip. Those will be necessary on the date of Admission.
  • Student should enter her Application No. as Login and Date of birth as Password to view the form. If she finds any difficulty in submitting the form or checking the payment status, she must contact the Help Line No. 9330199738 / 8337882611
  • Application form will be validated only if payment is confirmed. Unpaid forms will be cancelled. 

Educational Tour: Each Geography Honours and General Course Student will be required to pay requisite fee for field trip and provide a declaration from a Medical Practitioner certifying fitness of the student.
Security Deposit will be refunded after the completion of the degree Course, within one year from the date of publication of the results. Failure to claim Security Deposits within the stipulated period will lead to forfeiture of the said deposit.
Identity Card will be issued to the student by the office. A fine of Rs.100/- will be charged for issuing a duplicate Identity Card.

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